EAE Reelstand: Going step by step forward to more efficiency and higher production safety

, January 2018

The diversity of the reelstands in operation with the differing drive and control concepts require a high level of flexibility during modernisation. Based on the newest technology, EAE offers a wide range of retrofit measures which lead to higher production safety and availability of the reelstands while maintaining to focus on technical standards and your costs of investment.

Key points for a reelstand retrofit are the modernisation of the drive technology and/or the control  technology. Further modernisations in the area of the pneumatic systems or for required increase in speed are realised by EAE in cooperation with competent partners.

Retrofit of the drive technology
In the area of drive technology for belt drives and core engines the following possibilities are offered depending on the existing drives and drive controls:
• Exchange of the drive controller while using the available engines.
• Change-over to AC-drive technology with the exchange of the drive controller as well as the engines.
• Modification of the reel stubs control or brake to eddy current brake with control

The new drive technology can either be integrated into the existing control panels o r additional ready-for-use switch cabinets for lateral installation to the existing control cabinets can be delivered.

You can do without a reelstand for 2-3 days? In this case you select the integration of the new technology into the existing control panels. Your reelstands are essential for your production process? Select the variant with the additional control cabinets. Here it is possible to switch from the new technology to the old technology in the commissioning phase.

Our services during the retrofit of the drive technology include installing the new drive controllers and the engines, if required, as well as uninstalling the old technology, parameterisation of the drive controls and
commissioning of the whole system.

Optionally it is possible that your technicians install and commission further reelstands after the  commissioning of the first reelstand. That way, the change-over costs can be lowered significantly.

Retrofit of the control technology
EAE offers different solutions for modernisation for the area of control technology as well, depending on the previous control system. 

Solution 1:
The existing operating philosophy via a keyboard is maintained.
Solution 2:
A modern touch panel is installed for operation. It enables a more simplified operation and the display of more information.

For all offered solutions the functionalities of the previous control system are maintained. Existing  connections to e.g. the control technology of the machine or reel transport systems are also maintained
and can, if required, be changed-over to modern communication technologies. 

If there is currently no connection to your machine control, e.g. Info, the interfaces to these systems can be retrofitted. This enables you to manage status messages and error messages centrally in your
reporting system and display them at your control consoles.

A retrofit of the control technology can therefore not only maintain the product safety, but offer an actual added value through increased operational comfort and higher system transparency.

Our services during the retrofit include de-installation of previous control components, installation of new control components, programming of the control and commissioning of the new system.

Increase in speed
In case your reelstand cannot “keep up” with your modernised machine, it is in most cases possible to realise an increase in speed for the reelstands.  

During this, all relevant mechanical and electrical components, e.g. gears, bearings, signal and rotation transmitters, are checked for their suitability and replaced if required. The drive and control system
is parameterised and reprogrammed accordingly.

EAE realises speed increases in the reelstand with the help of experienced partners who support us when changingover mechanical components.

Retrofit of the pneumatic systems
Problems during spare part procurement and frequent faults can also require a rework and optimisation of the pneumatic systems. Here EAE offers a retrofit in cooperation with competent partners.
From the as-is analysis to planning and integration of new pneumatic systems - you can order all  aervices from EAE.

Combination of the individual measures
All individual measures in the area of the reelstand retrofit can be combined individually and you can extend them chronologically, so that the investments remain within a manageable range.

You have specific ideas...
...how your reelstand retrofit should be performed. Do not hesitate to ask our experienced sales and engineering team. Based on our standardised solutions for different reelstand types we can offer
you a fast and reliable quotation. We would be glad to design a concept for the modernisation of your reelstands with you and implement your individual ideas.

EAE upgrades and retrofits are available for all original equipment manufacturers e.g.
Goss reelstand retrofit:  CT45; Goss CT50; CD-13;
K&B reelstand retrofit: K&B Pastomat, Pastoline


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