Salomon PRINT awards EAE’s outstanding track record with new order

Ahrensburg, September 2022 – Salomon PRINT in Ljubljana, is one of the leading Slovenian printers in the web offset printing market. Their mission states they want to maintain this position amongst printers in Slovenia and in their part of Europe, while consolidating their position in the foreign market through continuous  improvements and better materials. And that is exactly the reason for upgrading their Koenig & Bauer Colora newspaper press, dating from 2001.

After intensive cooperation with Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed Service, Salomon Print decided to sign a long-term standard service contract for maintenance tasks on the Koenig & Bauer presses installed at Salomon PRINT. The necessary life-extending measures in the press control system were also analysed in parallel. The result of the analysis were extensive retrofit solutions. EAE has commissioned this retrofit on the assignment from Koenig & Bauer. EAE has upgraded 3 existing EAE Control desks including all relating PC hardware and software. Also, the EAE Info System was updated and the EAE Service PC hardware exchanged. This all with the addition of the CIP ink pre-setting system.

Aleš Trček, Service department manager of Salomon PRINT: “We have chosen for QIPC-EAE on the basis of past experiences with the company and their products. EAE originally installed their press controls solutions 21 years ago. In all those years it worked perfectly. We have always been extremely satisfied with the company, their hardware and personnel. The same goes for the remote service, of which I am happy to say we have needed only a few times in the past 21 years. A track record unsurpassed by any other system in our possession.”

“We also had the same experience with QIPC, the mother company of EAE, when upgrading our colour register control back in 2017 on one of our heat set presses. QIPC’s mRC-3D system was installed without disruption of the production and is performing quick and flawlessly ever since. To go in any other direction than QIPC-EAE, would not be a smart move. The importance in reliability of “just in time” production demands a system that can perform problem free in years to come, has good support service and is affordable. Upgrading the system through EAE was the only logical step,” Aleš Trček adds.

He concludes: “The installation and upgrade itself were very straightforward and had zero impact on production. None of our daily productions were jeopardised while upgrade and installations were going on during morning hours. The whole procedure went smoothly and completely stress free. The control consoles are now extremely responsive. The new ink pre-setting system enables us to cut the start-up waste considerably while all along giving us a higher quality product from start to finish. It also exposed some other press issues that we can now address to in order to reduce the waste even further. It only took a few production days for the whole system to optimise itself to a degree where ink pre-setting is so good that no operator intervention is needed at start-up of production. Amazing!”

Like with QIPC-EAE, Salomon also has a long-term relationship with Grafmat-Uslage d.o.o., QIPC-EAE’s agent for Croatia and Slovenia. Ivan Rogić, Director of Grafmat-Uslage: “I know Aleš Trček and Ivo Gulic for more than 13 years. For this project me and Aleš Trček were in daily contact. A good mutual relationship is important. That also goes for the technical support offered by QIPC-EAE. This order is important for the region. Other printers are aware of the investments made by Salomon Print and they follow closely what improvements and benefits Salomon gets out of it.” 

Salomon Print prints high-circulation daily and regional newspapers, magazines, commercial catalogues, leaflets and brochures. They have over 200 clients, and no less than 70 percent are loyal customers that have become a part of their family of satisfied business partners.

Fltr: Thorsten Kusicke, Customer Support EAE, Aleš Trček, Service Department Manager Salomon PRINT and Thomas Heigl, Software Engineer EAE

Aleš Trček "A track record unsurpassed by any other system in our possession.”

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