Change of management at EAE Heiko Küttner and Jörg Westphal take over as Managing Directors

Ahrensburg, September 2017  – As of today, EAE Engineering Automation Electronics GmbH in Ahrensburg, a member of the Q.I. Press Controls Group, has two new CEOs: Heiko Küttner and Jörg Westphal.

Heiko Küttner (47) has been with EAE since 1995. During this time, he has held a number of managerial positions in software programming and customer service, and was appointed CTO and officer with power of attorney in 2008. As Managing Director of EAE, Küttner will be responsible for development, projects and service.  

Jörg Westphal (50) has been working in the printing industry for more than 20 years. His previous position was as Managing Director of Gämmerler GmbH in Geretsried, Upper Bavaria, which he held for the past four years. His new executive position at EAE will see Westphal in charge of sales, marketing and finance.  

Menno Jansen, owner of the Q.I. Group, is extremely happy with this new line-up: “We are very pleased to be able to appoint Heiko Küttner to the general management team and to have Jörg Westphal, an experienced Managing Director Sales, join EAE. With these two at the helm, we can look forward to a bright future.”  

One of the key areas Heiko Küttner and Jörg Westphal will continue to drive forward, is the already initiated and successful diversification of the company’s service offering in the growth market of intralogistics. 

During his years as EAE’s Managing Director and company restructurer, Werner Ringel did some great work, and he is leaving the company well placed for the future. At the end of September 2017, the shareholders and workforce of EAE will bid him farewell as he begins his well-earned retirement. 

Werner Ringel, outgoing Managing Director of EAE (center), with his successors Jörg Westphal (left) and Heiko Küttner (right).

Menno Jansen "With these two at the helm, we can look forward to a bright future.”

About EAE Engineering Automation Electronics GmbH:
The Ahrensburg-based company is active in graphic industries, automation solutions and automation technology. The company, founded in 1962 by Richard Ewert, is the leading supplier of controls, automation solutions and software for newspaper printers. EAE's solutions are being used in all areas of a newspaper printing plant – from pre-press to the mailroom. Worldwide more than 550 newspaper printing plants are using EAE's control systems to produce more than 125 million newspapers each day.

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