EAE Control Console - Desk 7

EAE opened a new chapter in the development of control consoles for newspaper presses with its “less is more” approach. A unique concept has been created for the central operating desk that controls a web press: the EAE Desk 7. This new press control console unites a c clear, transparent and dynamic design with exceptional toughness.  

For maximum operational reliability, production and equipment setting data is available simultaneously on all control consoles.   

  • Soft-proofing of double-spread content as standard feature
  • Complete overview of the machine settings and running processes via a spacious, double-sided integrated touch screen cockpit
  • Centralized control of several machine sections via one single control console; for the first time ever, it is possible to have fewer control consoles than press sections
  • “Smart Start” feature, enabling operation of printing presses as if they were copy machines
  • Developed to operate printing presses from a variety of manufacturers at the same time

Download the brochure (PDF) ‘EAE Control Console’