EAE Control Console - Desk 7

Multiple-section control with one Desk 7 or from mobile platform  

EAE keeps setting new standards with its “less is more” approach for its control console, Desk 7. No unnecessary buttons and an intuitive interface, plus the possibility to operate several presses simultaneously.   
The user-friendly console provides a clear overview and is easy to operate by means of touch pads. The set-up is flexible to the extent that the press can also be controlled from a tablet. The press operator can thus control, intervene in the printing process and trouble-shoot the press from anywhere offering more flexibility and possibly even lower manning. 

  • Centralized control of several machine sections via one single control console; for the first time ever, it is possible to have fewer control consoles than press sections
  • Press control via mobile platform / tablet
  • Soft-proofing of double-spread content as standard feature
  • Complete overview of the machine settings and running processes via a spacious, double-sided integrated touch screen cockpit
  • “Smart Start” feature, enabling operation of printing presses as if they were copy machines
  • Developed to operate printing presses from a variety of manufacturers at the same time

Download the brochure (PDF) ‘EAE Control Console’