Changes at EAE Hotline Support

Ahrensburg, May 2018 - The EAE hotline connects you with a competent team of experts who analyze and solve problems together with you. In order to continue offering this top-quality service at the highest level using our own employees, changes in the processing of these services are necessary.

We would therefore like to inform you that the EAE Hotline Support 24/7, as of  July 01, 2018 is reserved for our customers with a valid Service Level Agreement (SLA).  

Customers without a valid Service Level Agreement (SLA) will continue to receive
EAE Hotline Support during normal office hours, Monday to Friday between 07:00 A.M. - 04:00 P.M. (EST), except on public holidays.

The contact details remain unchanged:

24/7 Hotline Support for all US service calls:         +1 (0) 770 421 0774

 For our customers with a valid Service Level Agreement nothing changes.

You will continue to profit from the advantages offered by a Service Level Agreement for EAE Hotline Support 24/7:

  • Hotline support at a fixed price around the clock
  • Remote support
  • Prioritised handling
  • Plannable and constant support costs
  • Preferential sending of EAE specialists if necessary  

If you have any questions, or want to ensure your productivity and keep downtime to a minimum with a Service Level Agreement, your EAE contact person is at your disposal

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