Deal with Arta Taraz Niavaran gives Q.I. Press Controls and EAE foothold in Iran

Ahrensburg, January 2018 – Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC), the Dutch specialist in optical measurement and control systems for the printing industry, has found a new partner in the Iran-based printing concern of Arta Taraz Niavaran. Its owner, Babak Soukhakian is to represent QIPC and EAE in the up-and-coming Iranian market.

Babak Soukhakian founded Arta Taraz Niavaran at the end of 2015, after having been in the offset market for the previous 12 years. “During that period I was involved in selling equipment to the printing industry, to the tune of around twenty million euros,” explains Babak Soukhakian. He knows the Iranian market like the back of his hand. “Because of our background, many Iranian printing firms are seeking us out so that we can help meet their needs. We supply them not only with equipment and machinery, but first and foremost we offer them solutions.”  

Enormous potential

In the past, QIPC had dabbled in the Iranian market, but that was usually directly with the manufacturers of the printing presses. “To outsiders, the Iranian market is not an easy one to penetrate,” says Erwin van Rossem, head of sales at QIPC. “But the potential is enormous. It has always been our aim to gain a foothold there.” Babak Soukhakian: “QIPC has the technical know-how and we know what the market wants. In total there are more than 200 web-offset presses in the country. Most of these have become outdated and require upgrades or retrofits. For those kinds of projects, who could be better than QIPC?”  


In Arta Taraz Niavaran, Erwin van Rossem sees a key bridge-builder between QIPC-EAE and the Iranian market. “Babak Soukhakian enjoys a good relationship with all his partners. That doesn’t mean on the ground in Iran, but with us too. It brings the two diverse cultures of the West and the Middle East much closer.” Babak Soukhakian underlines this: “I’ve never been just a salesman. I learn a great deal from both printing plants and suppliers. My first mission is to introduce new technologies to Iran, such as those offered by QIPC and EAE. At the same time, I’m keen to let printers know what the benefits of QIPC for them are.”  

Iranian Bookprinting

The first joint Iranian project is now on the order books. In the printing workshop of Iranian Bookprinting, two mRC-3D cameras for colour register and two mRC-3D cameras for cut-off control have been installed. Iranian Bookprinting is the only official printer of schoolbooks in the country and turnover of printed copies each year is enormous. 

Babak Soukhakian

Babak Soukhakian“QIPC has the technical know-how and we know what the market wants."

About QIPC – EAE:
QIPC – EAE is the result of the acquisition of EAE by Q.I. Press Controls in 2014. Q.I. Press Controls, the number one supplier of innovative, high-quality optical measurement and control systems, joined forces with EAE, the leading supplier of control, automation and software solutions for the printing industry. Supported by a global service network, the QIPC – EAE joint-venture delivers total solutions for web offset presses in the printing industry. From prepress to mailroom, QIPC – EAE provides solutions that not only lead to production reliability, but to enhanced performance as well.  

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