Extended service and support contract "EAE Care Protection" for OM Druck GmbH & Co KG in Cloppenburg

Ahrensburg, September 2018  - 5 years of production reliability with a fixed, manageable service budget – 

Retrofit or new investment - these were the two alternatives customers had in the past with aging, obsolete press controls. With the extended service contract model "EAE Care Protection", EAE GmbH now offers a further option. 

OM Druck GmbH & Co KG in Cloppenburg signed such a service contract on August 3, 2018, thus securing the daily newspaper production of the "Münsterländische Tageszeitung" and other print products at a fixed, calculable service budget for a period of five years.   

Via the contract model, EAE ensures the operation of the control components on the Clauberg Colorstar and the MAN Uniman press within the contract period, which is equivalent to a kind of insurance with mobility guarantee. EAE is responsible for maintaining the availability of the press with spare parts, refurbished parts, repairs or retrofit measures. The basic services of an EAE Service Level Agreement, such as cost-neutral 24/7 telephone and online support by the specialists in Ahrensburg are an additional component of this package.   

Essential parts of the EAE Service Contract "EAE Care Protection": 

  • Annual EAE Control Audit
  • EAE annual spare parts check
  • Preferred supply of older generation spare parts and loan equipment
  • Maintaining of production operations through short-term measures such as:
    • On-site operations
    • Spare parts supply with like-new parts (refurbished)
    • Repairs on site and in the EAE Service Center Ahrensburg
    • Required retrofit measures
"With this contract we have prevented all the unpleasant surprises that could threaten us on the press control side over the next five years," explains Klaus Themann-Naporra, Print Manager at OM Druck GmbH & Co KG in Cloppenburg. "This enabled us to minimize the latent default risk of our control components, which are over 13 years old, without having to invest in large and costly retrofit measures today. The many years of good and competent cooperation with the specialists from Ahrensburg is the reason to go this new way with proven partner EAE Engineering Automation Electronics GmbH".   

Fltr: Marcel Wollgramm, Head of Sales, and Klaus Themann- Naporra, Print Manager at OM Druck

Klaus Themann-Naporra "With this contract we have prevented all the unpleasant surprises that could threaten us on the press control side over the next five years"

About EAE: 
The Ahrensburg-based company is active in graphic industries, automation solutions and automation technology. The company, founded in 1962 by Richard Ewert, is the leading supplier of controls, automation solutions and software for newspaper printers. EAE's solutions are being used in all areas of a newspaper printing plant – from pre press to the mailroom. Worldwide more than 550 newspaper printing plants are using EAE's control systems to produce more than 125 million newspapers each day.

For more information on EAE please visit: www.eae.com

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