Performance Package prepares Persgroep print shop in Best for the future

Oosterhout, September 2019 – In the footsteps of the Amsterdam branch, the print shop of Persgroep Printing in Best will also have access to the measurement and control systems of Q.I. Press Controls - Engineering Automation Electronics (QIPC-EAE). The 3 WIFAG Evolution OF 375S presses at the print shop in the southeast of the Netherlands, near Eindhoven, will receive a full retrofit thanks to this Performance Package. 

Strict requirements 
De Persgroep is known for its high quality standards, not only for its journalistic productions, but also for the way in which they are printed. Therefore, the print shop has an important role within the media company. "Our policy is to always have the latest version of both hardware and software," says Arjen Witlox, director of Persgroep Printing in Best. 

No real alternative
This is one of the reasons why a complete retrofit of the control and registration system has been chosen. The QIPC-EAE Performance Package combines the innovative measurement and control systems of QIPC with the control systems of EAE. "To avoid problems in the future, we had to modernise the register control system. When we decided to switch to QIPC for our registry control, it gave us a reason to simultaneously upgrade our already existing EAE operating systems" says Arjen Witlox. "For the newspaper market, there is no real alternative to what QIPC-EAE has to offer." 

Efficiency and maintenance optimisation
The safety argument is not the only reason to go for the Performance Package. The mRC-3D cut control system, IDS-3D colour and register control system and the upgrade to Desk 7 including Tablet 7, also results in more efficiency and waste savings. Moreover, it should result in higher and more consistent print quality. "In addition, we hope that the measurement data from QIPC-EAE's systems enables us to make better analysis of our machines and raw materials," says Arjen Witlox. "This will allow us to control our maintenance process in a more state oriented way." 

Amsterdam experiences
De Persgroep looks forward to the installation of the systems with confidence. The cooperation between QIPC-EAE and De Persgroep in Amsterdam is full of confidence as well. "The experiences in Amsterdam were absolutely important in making this decision," concludes Arjen Witlox. "We now know what to expect which is great." At QIPC-EAE, head of sales Erwin van Rossem is equally enthusiastic: "We are proud that such an important player in the media landscape wants to intensify the cooperation. It is a compliment to our already existing cooperation."

Fltr: Marcel Wollgramm (Head of Sales – EAE), Coré Ertürk (Manager Projects – QIPC), Erwin van Rossem (Head of Sales – QIPC-EAE), Berry Vrijhoef (Project Manager – Persgroep), Rini Bogers (IT Specialist – Persgroep), Mike Menkhorst (Assistant Production manager - Persgroep), Arjen Witlox (Director – Persgroep), Bert van den Merkhof (Press manager NL – Persgroep), Steven Heijstek (Product Specialist – QIPC), Rob Kuipers (Mechanic – Persgroep)

Arjen Witlox "We now know what to expect which is great."

About QIPC – EAE: 
QIPC – EAE is the result of the acquisition of EAE by Q.I. Press Controls in 2014. Q.I. Press Controls, the number one supplier of innovative, high-quality optical measurement and control systems, joined forces with EAE, the leading supplier of control, automation and software solutions for the printing industry. Supported by a global service network, the QIPC – EAE joint-venture delivers total solutions for web offset presses in the printing industry. From prepress to mailroom, QIPC – EAE provides solutions that not only lead to production reliability, but to enhanced performance as well.   

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