QIPC welcomes back ‘old’ colleague

Oosterhout, February 2017 - A welcome addition to the Q.I. Press Controls sales team since last November has been that of Harold Drinhuyzen. As such, the 54-year-old from nearby Breda returns to the company which had previously been his place of work from 2003 to 2009. Harold Drinhuyzen now has responsibility for the international sales of QIPC-EAE in the Mediterranean region, a number of African countries and Russia. 

Harold Drinhuyzen is a familiar face at QIPC. Ever since saying his goodbyes to the Oosterhout office in 2009, he has remained active in sales in the print industry. At the end of 2016, the sales team at QIPC was looking to fill a vacancy and Harold Drinhuyzen didn't need to think twice about the opportunity. “Of course, with my past experience, I'm familiar with how things work at QIPC and, to be honest, I missed it quite a bit: the people, the contacts and helping to solve the problems of customers. And not least the variation that the work involves.”

The print trade is in Harold Drinhuyzen's DNA, his father having worked as a machine setter for the Haagse Courant, a newspaper that used to be based in The Hague. “At the time, type-setting was done using letters cast from liquid lead. Sometimes I'd be allowed to type-set my own name and take the lead letters home with me. I was fascinated by it. But what completely wowed me were the enormous printing presses on the ground floor level. After school on Wednesdays I would go and see how the paper was printed: the intense vibrations coming from the immense presses, the smell of ink and the surroundings all had me spellbound.”

In the meantime, he has gained many years' experience working in sales in the printing industry for which he nurtured an early passion. Harold Drinhuyzen remains as enthusiastic as he was when he was allowed to gaze at the presses of the Haagsche Courant on Wednesday afternoons all those years ago. “I'm looking forward to re-establishing contacts with customers and agents who I've not seen since I stopped working for QIPC in 2009. It will be great to renew acquaintance with these old friends. In addition, it will be nice to make new contacts in different cultures and where possible provide good advice and find success in my new position. I'm sure it will give me great job satisfaction.”

QIPC too is happy to see the return of Harold Drinhuyzen. Erwin van Rossem, to whom Harold Drinhuyzen will be accountable, is delighted with the new addition to the team. “With Harold, our team gets back more than 30 years of experience in the printing industry. He was extremely successful for QIPC in the past, having established strong relationships with clients and partners. His experience and service speak for themselves.”

Harold Drinhuyzen

Erwin van Rossem“With Harold, our team gets back more than 30 years of experience in the printing industry."

About QIPC – EAE:
QIPC – EAE is the result of the acquisition of EAE by Q.I. Press Controls in 2014. Q.I. Press Controls, the number one supplier of innovative, high-quality optical measurement and control systems, joined forces with EAE, the leading supplier of control, automation and software solutions for the printing industry. Supported by a global service network, the QIPC – EAE joint-venture delivers total solutions for web offset presses in the printing industry. From prepress to mailroom, QIPC – EAE provides solutions that not only lead to production reliability, but to enhanced performance as well.  

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